Friday, 19 November 2010

How do i make a VIRGO MAN fall in love with me?

My bf of five years i'm a cancer women and when we are together we get along great. but lately i feel we should have a stronger connnection i feel he let outside people come in between us but when i tell him about he tend to make the situation worst like leaving and not answering his phone i get up set he say i''m the crazy when everything is his fault we only argue if he do something out of the ordinary like call me at work and ask me to meet him home were going out get dress and then he dosen't show up until later that night and tell me things change. when all he have to do is call and tell me when i call him he tell me i'll call you later. later comes he don't want to talk about. How can i get him to understand were i'm coming from and just love me?How do i make a VIRGO MAN fall in love with me?
I'm a cancerian too and we are very emotional and sensitive. A bit too much sometimes! we also overanalyse situations. Virgos can be a bit more cold and rational and that combined with being a man (who are quite thoughtless sometimes anyway) might make it difficult for you guys to understand each other sometimes. I'm in a relationship with a Virgo too. i find it easiest not to nag them too much but if something is really eating away at me then I will mention it and see if we can sort it out.How do i make a VIRGO MAN fall in love with me?
hun you ((cant make someone fall in love with you.. its earned!!! if listening to outside plp is making it more difficult.. that should be telling you something.. move on but becareful.%26lt;%26lt; if hes ignoring you again its telling you something:(


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