Friday, 19 November 2010

How to make a playboy who's flirting with you fall in love with you?

this guy is really a player.. he jokes around and make gals fall for him...How to make a playboy who's flirting with you fall in love with you?
Not much chance of that, I'm afraid. Every girl dreams that she'll be THE ONE to capture the bad boy--but it rarely happens.

The best you can hope for is to keep him interested for a little while--and the best way to do that is to pretend you're NOT. Think you're mature enough to do that?How to make a playboy who's flirting with you fall in love with you?
u are pick the wrong guy to fall in love with he isnt looking for commitment thats why he is a player
be a flirt too. stair at him with seducing eyes, and allure him. make him yours. i did. his name is Xavior.
Instead of trying to make him fall in love with me, I'd run for the hills. Players will ALWAYS be players even if they ';fall in love'; with you. Sorry but I'm not looking for either pain or drama.
Why would you want to? You know that he's a player and that in my book is a low life scab who tries to make himself something he's not. Just an ego boost for him. Walk away from this one. Plus Lord knows how many other woman he was with and what he might be carrying and he don't know it.
Why would you want a guy who is flirting fall in love with you?

Practically speaking, not all guys are cut out for relationships. Some guys just love to date forever. They won't even think of settling down.

But to answer your question, I shall fulfill.

Whether man or woman, we are all humans. What attracts women are what attracts man. This attraction is first aroused by interest. If you are not interested in someone, then whatever he does would not attract you.

What attracts humans? Being unpredictable, different, funny %26amp; humourous, and so on and on...

Being on the general terms, you should consider. Then elaborate on things relating to the general terms and whatever which links.

Good luck =)

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